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Home of Natural & Organic Luxury Linen

We began business in 1978 and are an Australian owned and operated enterprise. With our head office situated in Melbourne, Australia. We want to bring our standard of quality, service and value into the Australian market place.

Matilda sources the best quality luxury linen made with natural & organic fibres from around the world at highly competitive prices. As an eco-friendly concern, we understand that your and our mother earth's health is of paramount importance. Gift Earth - Gift Yourself.

We stand by our claims of purity and do not ‘green-wash’ our products, as they are backed by international standards such as ISO, OEKO-TEX, GOTS to insure the products are natural, organic, eco-friendly and leave minimum footprint on our planet Earth. Rest assured, that not only will you have a healthy night’s sleep with our range of hypo – allergenic, anti – bacterial range of products, your dollar will indeed benefit the earth that we all live in.

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We care about your sleep

Our products are available for both wholesale and retail markets. Be it organic cotton, 100% pure cotton, silk, bamboo or other natural fibres that are used in textiles and linen, we stand by our claim that our natural fibres are the best.They are certified by International standards and you can feel it.

Whatever your needs are, you will find it here at the most competitive prices. Guaranteed.

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