Certifications Many companies pose as ‘green’ or eco-friendly retailers but, in fact, do not offer any eco-certified products. Matilda-House is currently sourcing certified eco-friendly linen from all around the world. To make sure your product is genuinely eco-certified, look for the following labels: • GOTS • OEKO-TEX • ISO 140001 The Global Organic Cotton Standard […]

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton Organic cotton is naturally softer than conventional cotton. This is because of the eco-friendly farming and manufacturing process it goes through. Minimal chemicals are used in the production of organic cotton whereas conventional cotton uses 10 per cent of the world‘s pesticides and almost 25 per cent of the world‘s insecticides in areas […]

Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo Fiber Products: Bamboo fiber products are healthy, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional and synthetic linen products. Bamboo has exceptional properties that make it more beneficial for you and the environment which is why Matilda-House recommends them over most other forms of linen products. Why it benefits you: Bamboo fibers are naturally soft, so no other […]